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What is the roof pitch of the trusses?

What is the roof pitch of the trusses?
Our trusses come in a standard 4/12 pitch. However we can manufacture trusses with a custom pitch (5/12,6/12etc.) if that is what the customer desires. There is usually a small upcharge to cover material costs.

What is the measurements between posts?

The truss measurements are taken from outside of post to outside of post. In other words, if you had a 30’ truss the measurement form outside of post to outside of post would be 30’ assuming a 6×6 post. The inside to inside dimension would be 29’1”.
Click here for Truss and Post Drawing
Click here for 30×40 Truss and Purlin layout
Click here for 24×30 Truss and Purlin layout

How long does it take to get my trusses?

Lead times are typically two weeks from the time you order. However, if you need them sooner we can often accommodate rush orders. Sometimes we will have your trusses in stock but we usually manufacturer to order because we offer so many different sizes.

How do I pay for my trusses?

Truss orders must be paid for in full before we manufacture. We accept virtually every type of payment; Check, Cash, Check by Fax, Check Image, Online bank draft, Visa, Master Card, Discover, Paypal and American Express. Our preferred method of payment is check by fax or online bank draft. With check by fax, all you have to do is fax or scan/email us a copy of a signed check. Or you can just take a picture of a signed check. With online bank draft we send you an invoice with a link attached and you enter your bank account and authorize payment. Your invoice will have instructions for both. When you pay by Paypal or credit card, we have to add a 3% processing fee because that is what the credit card companies charge us.

Do you think I could attempt to do this myself?

Well, consider this, once the posts are set, you can build the entire building with light hand tools. The building design is very simple. You literally have 3 parts, post, truss and 2×6. Then you screw down your metal.

Do I need a crane?

For our larger trusses you will usually need some sort of lifting device.Ladder and a 3rd man or a truck. The trusses are not extremely heavy but they can be awkward to handle without a machine.

Why U.S. Steel?

Many of our competitors use less expensive Chinese and other imported steel. This makes for a lower cost product, however many of their processes are inferior and leave more slag in the steel. This significantly lowers the strength of the product. In short, it’s like putting up your building with re-bar versus U.S. hardened steel.
How wide are your trusses?
Our trusses span from 8′ to 80′ wide.

What are the snow and wind loads?

Snow and wind loads vary by county. Our typical trusses are rated for a 32 psf combined load and 100 mph wind rating. We can accommodate all wind and snow load requirements in the lower 48 states. Sometimes that requires us to adjust the truss spacing and/or add steel struts to the trusses.

Do I have to buy both halves of the trusses?

The gable trusses come in two halves that bolt together to make a complete truss. If we quote you a price for a 30 foot truss, that price includes both halves of the truss and hardware for the complete truss. We don’t sell half trusses.
The exception to this is our lean-to/shed trusses. They typically come as one piece.

Do you have other roof pitches available?

Yes. We commonly manufacture special orders, but the most common special roof pitches are 5/12, which adds 15% to the cost and 6/12, which adds 30% to the cost. Our standard trusses are a 4/12 for a gable roof, and 2/12 for a lean-to/shed roof.

Can you manufacture custom sizes?

Yes, we will work with you any way we can. Contact us here and we’ll be happy to provide a price quote for your job. Please provide details of your needs in the message box. Please be prepared to provide a preliminary sketch.