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100% USA Steel

What makes our product unique from our competitors is that it is an engineered product made with 100% USA steel.

More Than Strong

Our Truss building kits are rated for a combined live and dead load of 32lbs./sf and a 100 mph wind load.


We can customize them to meet any wind or snow load requirements for anywhere in the lower 48 states.

Our Best Building Kit - Pole Barn Steel Truss System

The most traditional use of this product, the most common use is your traditional pole barn or pole shed, often referred to as a post frame shed, canopy or roof structure.   It is a very simple product to construct. Thank you for visiting our site, we will be happy to answer any questions.  Custom orders don’t upset us, so feel free to contact us at 704-489-8200 or SALES@BESTBUILDINGKIT.COM

Why build with Steel Pole Barn Trusses?

There are numerous advantages to using steel trusses instead of traditional wood trusses but the main reasons are simplicity and strength. Theses trusses are extremely simple to install. There are literally three parts to deal with: posts, trusses, and 2×6’s. Then you screw down your roofing metal. That’s it, very very simple. Out trusses are assembled with basic hand tools and you never have to worry about them rotting or deteriorating from the weather. You also get more usable space inside your building.

Wood trusses are less expensive truss per truss but they require you to install wood headers, the posts have to be closer together and you have more trusses to install. You generally have to close in the gable ends as well to protect the wood from the weather. When all the extra time and materials are considered, there is very little cost difference between building with steel trusses and building with wood trusses. It’s just a matter of which product you would rather own.

Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome all questions. Here are a few questions with answers that we are asked most frequently.

What is the roof pitch of the trusses?

Our trusses come in a standard 4/12 pitch. However we can manufacture trusses with a custom pitch (5/12,6/12etc.) if that is what the customer desires. There is usually a small upcharge to cover material costs.

What is the measurements between posts?

The truss measurements are taken from outside of post to outside of post. In other words, if you had a 30’ truss the measurement form outside of post to outside of post would be 30’ assuming a 6×6 post. The inside to inside dimension would be 29’1”.

How long does it take to get my trusses?

Lead times are typically two weeks from the time you order. However, if you need them sooner we can often accommodate rush orders. Sometimes we will have your trusses in stock but we usually manufacturer to order because we offer so many different sizes.

Special Orders Welcome!

Truss Built works directly with you, the customer, and is always willing to accommodate SPECIAL TRUSS ORDERS whenever possible. Our steel truss inventory is pre-manufactured and ready made for delivery immediately upon purchase.

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